We are John Foster [hyperlink to his tab], Miffy Williams [hyperlink to her tab], and Faye Tucker [hyperlink to her tab]: three philosophers who have been working with schools across the North-West since 2004.

Our aim is to share the benefits of doing philosophy with children, young people, community groups and their educators. We introduce participants to a philosophical approach, using a range of methods to facilitate collaborative enquiry into difficult questions on a wide range of themes.

We deliver one-off sessions and longer-term interventions with classes. We also engage with third sector organisations in order to support community groups. You can find out more about what we do here [hyperlink to ‘Recent Work’ tab].

John Foster

As well as being SAPERE accredited, John is a qualified secondary school teacher and teaches philosophy in schools and universities. He has long had a passion for doing philosophy with children and young people, and led the Lancaster University philosophy outreach programme, MindOUT, for 13 years, taking philosophy into upward of 70 schools in the North West. John has developed innovative ways of working with university undergraduates to deliver philosophy in schools at primary and secondary levels, and has helped to develop a series of programmes on doing philosophy in schools for the BBC. Alongside teaching, John continues to write and has published two books, The Sustainability Mirage and After Sustainability, on the philosophical and political aspects of environmental issues. He lives in North Cumbria where he enjoys hill-walking and thinking and can still sometimes manage to do both at once.

Myfanwy Williams

Myfanwy (also known as Miffy) is a Research Associate for Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth at the University of Liverpool. Miffy is SAPERE accredited and has worked on philosophy for schools since 2004;  you can read about her commitment to raising the profile of philosophy in schools at her guest blog on the subject for Daily Nous. Having completing her BA Philosophy at Queens’ College, University of Cambridge, she spent time in Scotland pursuing her study of art. She then gained a studentship to come to the North West to study for an MA degree at Lancaster University, working on ethical issues raised by new genetic science. At Lancaster, Miffy got a summer job working with John on a Philosophy ‘gifted and talented’ summer school for KS4 students, and they have worked together on and off ever since. Upon completion of her MA Miffy won a Wellcome Trust Biomedical Ethics doctoral studentship, and moved to the University of Manchester to research her PhD in Philosophy of Psychiatry. In 2008 she completed her thesis, titled ‘Explaining depression’, and went on to work as a university-based Widening Participation professional at Manchester for 6 years. Miffy is also a qualified Taekwon-do instructor, and has been involved in instructing children for many years. In addition to philosophy and martial arts, Miffy has a longstanding interest in visual arts and fits in as much creating as she can between work, philosophy and family life at her home in the Wirral.

Faye Tucker

Faye first encountered philosophy during her undergraduate degree in art. After traveling and teaching English in Europe and Asia, Faye returned to studying and completed her MA Philosophy in 2014, writing her dissertation on the impact of marketing on young people’s autonomy. She is currently working on a PhD in philosophy at Lancaster University, focussing on questions about adolescence, and has published on adolescent medical consent. She teaches philosophy to undergraduates and has taught philosophy at A-level. Faye has worked alongside John as part of the MindOUT programme since 2013, helping to deliver school- and community-based sessions, and is SAPERE accredited. Faye and Miffy have both worked as philosophers on the EC funded I.Family project. Faye lives in Lancashire with her husband, who is a primary school teacher, and their two boys.